Henna Services


Henna services are currently available at 


Parksville Night Market - Tuesdays 6-9pm


Nanaimo Night Market - Thursdays 5-9pm

Desire Tattoo Studio - Thursdays 11 - 3pm - to book an appointee at Desire tattoo message on the  contact page or e-mail desiretattoo@hotmail.com


Functions such as weddings, baby showers, private parties and more can be booked at an hourly rate.

Hourly rate: 75.00

Travel fees may apply outside the Comox Valley.

Call or message for inquiries or to book an appointment or function.

50% deposit required upon booking an appointment.

About Henna and After Care

Henna originates from the middle east and was often used in ceremonial events and festivites. Henna is a plant based paste made from a shrub called Lawsonia Inermis. The Leaves from the Henna Tree are dried, crushed and mixed with lemon juice, sugar and essential oils. The natural dye from the leaves stain the skin, leaving a beautiful design up to 3 weeks.

The henna designing process can take anywhere from 5 - 60 minutes depending on size and detail. The paste dries within an hour but must remain on skin for 4 - 12 hours. After peeling off dried henna paste, stain develops over 48 hrs. For best results avoid water for the first 24 hours. 



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