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Once upon a time in a Bus

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Once upon a time I lived in a 28 foot school bus that I converted. The space was minimal, reflecting the intentional simplicity of my chosen lifestyle. During that time, my focus was on screen printing. Including designing my own screens; DIY style. I transformed my bus into a darkroom, covering all my windows and replacing the light bulbs with red bulbs. Then clearing as much space as possible and making sure my pitty, Sweet Lu didn't knock down my 500watt shop lights set up on my 2x4ft floor space. And for two days making my screens, I lived in a dark room while individually preparing my screens for printing. Nothing could ever stop me from creating art, even if it took over the very space I lived in. I dedicated two days to individually preparing screens for printing in the makeshift dark room. The process extended beyond screen preparation, involving printing a couple of hundred shirts with my original designs. Squeegeeing ink through mesh on each shirt, one by one, hanging them to dry on a 6 foot ceiling. I navigated an obstacle course of multi coloured wet ink garments, trying not to paint my face while getting from my living room the bed. Of course as I was doing this DYI process, I also had to heat seal the ink on each shirt with a hot iron, fold and box them for delivery. Now I live in a house with a designated "studio" and compared to bus life, all the room I could ever need. The moral of this story is clear: with pure determination and patience, obstacles won't hinder your passion and what you love. On the contrary, embracing determination and patience serves as a foundation for resilience, problem-solving, and a positive mindset, enabling you to navigate challenges and pursue your passion in life.

Ava Luna

Ava Luna

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